Delwires Wire Haired Fox Terriers

A Brief History of Delwires

The Wire-Haired Fox Terrier

Wire-haired fox terriers are a beloved dog breed known for their unique appearance, energetic personality, and affectionate nature. They are a small to medium-sized breed that originated in the United Kingdom and were primarily used for hunting small animals such as foxes and rabbits.

One of the most fascinating characteristics of wire-haired fox terriers is their appearance. They have a wiry and dense coat, which gives them a distinctive look. Their coat can come in various colors such as white, black, or tan. Wire-haired fox terriers are also known for their small, pointed ears and their sharp and inquisitive expression.

The personality of a wire-haired fox terrier is truly one of a kind. They are intelligent and highly alert, always ready for adventure and playtime. Due to their high energy levels and curious nature, wire-haired fox terriers require lots of exercise and activities to keep them entertained. They love to play fetch and go on walks, and they are always eager to explore new surroundings.

Wire-haired fox terriers are also highly loyal and affectionate pets. They form strong bonds with their owners and love to be around people. They are known for their playful and comical nature, making them a popular choice for families with children.

While wire-haired fox terriers make excellent pets, it is important to note that they require a lot of attention and training. Due to their high energy levels and inquisitive nature, they can be quite stubborn and hard-headed. It is crucial to give them plenty of exercise and boundaries to prevent any unwanted behaviors.

Another possible challenge with wire-haired fox terriers is their tendency to be vocal. They enjoy barking and may bark excessively if not trained properly. Early socialization and training can help prevent this issue.

In conclusion, wire-haired fox terriers are a unique and beloved breed that make an excellent pet for those who are looking for a loyal, intelligent, and playful companion. They require a lot of attention, exercise, and training to ensure that they lead healthy and happy lives. With proper love and care, wire-haired fox terriers can bring joy and entertainment to their owners for many years to come.

Paddy was the real-life wire-haired Fox Terrier who played “Wilson” in the Lotto ads. He was owned by an older person who couldn’t look after him anymore after hip surgery, and that’s when animal trainers Caroline Girdlestone and James Delaney found him in Auckland. What a journey “Paddy” had!

To make the Lotto ad, travel was involved, and India was chosen as the perfect destination for the journey. “Paddy” had air-conditioned quarters in five-star hotel luxury and was kept well-watered with his own on-set hydration mixture. It almost didn’t happen. Taking “Paddy” to India would have meant a year of quarantine before he could come back. “You just can’t do that to a dog. We’re Lotto – that’s not the fairytale ending we want,” said Wendy Rayner, New Zealand’s head of Lottery’s marketing. The Lotto team was going to have to find “Paddy” a new home in India. It seemed an impossible goal, but Lotteries chief executive at the time told the marketing team that his best man lived in Bangalore with his wife and three sons. Might this be “Paddy’s” new home?

After filming finished “Paddy” was escorted to Bangalore by his trainers and took to his new home (he got his very own maid). The Lotteries team was routinely sent pictures of “Paddy” who settled in and seemed very happy!

As an aside, the recipient of the winning lottery ticket at the end of the commercial is Michael Self, a teacher and South Taranaki District councillor who was already well-known in Manaia. When the commercials aired, he was often stopped in the streets in Auckland and Wellington and asked, “Where’s the dog?