Delwires Wire Haired Fox Terriers

Frequently Asked Questions


Most frequent questions and answers

The first thing is a secure garden as they are the greatest jumpers and escape artists in the world.

It was rumoured that they where brought in as consultants at Colditz.

Check list of essential things

  1. Lead , collar with ID tag with your name address and telephone number on it, dont ever put the dogs name on the disk as it would allow a thief to control your dog more easly and get your dog Microchipped asap. Disposable nappies or puppy toilet training pad’s for your journey home, saves a wet lap.
  2. Dog bowls, food and water, puppy food ask breeder, register local vet   and puppy training classes you    will be able to attend these 10 days after  the puppies second injection.

This all depends on the enviroment that the dog is living in, eg in your home and walking on pavements or running in muddy fields, it really is a case of commonsence.

Your dog will be quite fine with a good groom once a week and a couple of quick tidy ups, you also need to think are you going to have the dog hand stripped or clippered as once a dog has been clippered he cannot be hand stripped again. Hand stripping removes all the dead coat and enhances the coat and the dogs skin condition and colour.

A Fox terrier will take as much excercise as you are able to give but they dont need huge amounts of walking to burn off the excess energy.

They do however love a routine and it’s important to get the dog used to how you live your life, don’t ever let the dog train you to it’s routine but routine is the key to a happy Fox terrier

Fox terriers are what i call grazers, unlike your typical gun dog the Fox terrier will eat little bits throught the day, so perhaps dried food is best as it wont spoil in the dogs bowl.

My dogs do love bits of carrot when i’m preparing the vegtables.

The Fox terrier is a very hardy breed and is infact one of the cheapest to insure as they dont have any real inherant problems, however some do get tonsilitous and it important to pull hair once a month from their ears to ensure they dont get any ear infections. 

Well, I have never used a dog cage with the exception of when an owner brought a dog to us to look after as they where going on holiday and did not want to put the dog in kennels.

The puppy would happily go in and out of it and wanted to go inside  when ready for it’s bed, so if you want to give your dog a particular area which it knows is his or hers then they may suit but I’m not a love of them. 

Straight away with a Fox terrier, they are described as one of the hardest breeds to train this is untrue, they do train very well if started young enough and with dedication as stated earlier, routine is the key with this breed.

As stated earlier, routine is the key, they love walks and socialising, always add an extra half hour to your normal route time if walking with your Fox terrier to the shop’s ect as you will be stopped and told stories about how someone in the family had one of those or you dont see many of those lovely dogs any more.

Remember you are only the spokes person, everyone is looking and admiring your wonderful dog.

Well if you are prepaired to feed, water, excercise and love, not necesserly in that order,that’s the basics covered.

You should never have a Fox terrier if you are a miserable anti social person who doesn’t enjoy interacting with people, you have not only got to be a doggy person but a people person to be a Fox terrier owner!

Right a Fox terrier when  your in the home will be just like your shadow always around and looking for some fuss, if not they are curled up on the softest cushion or in your bed a favourite haunt, if you dont want a Fox terrier in the bed you need a stairgate!

They love a chair by the window to watch the world go by and they will woof at the Postman, Paperboy etc but would only ever deliver an extreamly big lick if close enough.

Well the truth is they shed and don’t moult like other dogs twice a year they constantly shed hair but if you follow the grooming procedure you will have no problems.